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While thinking about visits to the Netherlands and eating just a few things come to my mind like eating Loempias on the market of Enschede, Kibbeling on a different market somewhere else (can’t remember the place now) and then there are Pannekoeks. Just now I realise how many Dutch words we used back then in my childhood or how similar the daily spoken language was with Dutch. Or maybe it was all because my grandmother was Dutch. I don’t know. Anyway, as it’s time to contribute to my very own challenge Bloggers Around the World: The Netherlands, I reckon I have to do as previously announced and have Pannekoeks or pancakes. We once (at least) visited a Pannekoek house in the Netherlands to have some food. You could have all sorts of pancakes, sweet or savoury, as you wished.

Then there is also a place in Germany, in Bremen, a Pannekoek restaurant on a sailing ship on the water, not far from the city centre. The place is called Admiral Nelson. Anyway, we had pancakes …

Now there you could have all kinds of pancakes as you already see. They had also for example a Mexican style and an Indian style pancake on offer.

But we want to have our own. First of all, you go for your basic pancake batter:

One cup on flour, one cup of milk, an egg and a pinch of salt. If you want more batter, just multiply the amounts.

Pannekoek - 1

At the time I was having pannekoeks I was limited to what kind of ingredients I had at home. Here I used chorizo and cheese.

I just gave some batter into the hot and oiled pan. After a while I added the chorizo, cheese and a bit of dried oregano. You could put a lid on, if you like or later put the pancake quickly under the grill to get the cheese a bit more melting.

Well, all this was not much, but just imagine the possibilities, you could have a pancake topped in the same way you could top a pizza. So, go for a mushrooms or tuna version.

Pannekoek - 2

Fine, I just added the obligatory chilli sauce, just because I wanted to. No worries.

Or simply do a triple or quadruple or even quintuple cheese one. Use your imagination, this is the only limit you have here.

Pannekoek - 3

If you wish you could also put some kind of salad on top. Just now I am thinking about it, how good it would have been to put Parma ham and rocket leaves on it.

Then there is also always the option to go the sweet way, if you want to. I don’t want to today.

Well then, that was my contribution to Bloggers Around the World this month.

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Now you might think, that was all quite simple and basic. Yes, it was and why not. It’s also good to enjoy some simple things. You also see, it don’t have to be too complicated to take part in the Bloggers Around the World challenge. So, while there is still some time left, why not go for it …


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  1. Mmm pancakes, yours look lovely. The Netherlands is always associated with bananas for me. On holiday with my parents they went to buy a bunch of bananas and somehow came away with enough bananas to last a month! We were eating them for days

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