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As time moves on mercilessly so do we with our Bloggers Around the World challenge. However, that doesn’t mean, that I am merciless or anyone else participating here. I am just sticking to my word and therefore if I say, you have time until the end of July to enter Bloggers Around the World – The Netherlands, so you have time until the end of July.


August! Time is up!

There is no other choice, I have to do the round-up for Bloggers Around the World – The Netherlands.

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However, this month, it is quite easy for me. Once more Claudia from the Single Gourmet and the Sea joined us for our challenge. This time, she delight us with Saucijzenbroodje, Dutch sausage rolls. Can you imagine puff pastry with a lovely, rich meat filling? Well, that’s what you get. So, go and get it!

Want some? That should not be so hard. Somehow I have the feeling, we are staying with not so hard for the next entry as well …

Yes, it’s my very own entry … Pannekoek. As you might have read before, there is no big deal about it. Here comes it anyway …

Pannekoek - 2

So it goes … oh … eh … well, that’s all for this month. Maybe it’s a holiday month. I don’t know. I only know, I didn’t have holiday, I just went away for the weekend. Well, it was almost The Netherlands, but just almost.

Nevertheless I give you a photo. Maybe the colour of the flowers in the picture will help us. I thought it might fit …

Flowers - 1

With that, we close out visit to The Netherlands and go on. Maybe we can go back to the old route from the beginnings of this challenge. According to that, it’s now time for …


I hope that is a good one for you. Whatever the case, I feel like Spain now. Thinking about tapas is always something I like to do. From this there arise many opportunities of what you could do this month for the challenge. As for me, anything with chorizo or ham serrano would do, but there are far more options. Maybe you want to go a bit to the sweeter side and do something with turron or share some magdalenas with us.

No? Fine, if you don’t feel to much like cooking, because it is too hot, give us a drink or give us gazpacho. However, if you feel really eager, why not share a paella with us.

I am sure, there are many opportunities here.

It would have been an excellent thing to do this month’s challenge live from Spain, but unfortunately I don’t have any holiday left to go to Spain right now. Maybe another time, but then of course we can’t join it together with Bloggers Around the World unless … we so Spain another time once again.

Well, then get your thinking started. Cook up something lovely that will make us all think of Spain. On the other hand, if you so totally don’t manage, just share an older post with us here. Just add the Bloggers Around the World badge, link to this post here and leave a comment with the link to your post down here.

Fine, I got something for you, it’s a chorizo and sardine puff pastry tart with some garlic, tomatoes and bacon as well …

Chorizo and sardine tart - 1

Now I hope that gets you all going. I am looking forward to what you have to share with us.

Bueno, espero que puedo ver algunas recetas buenas al fin de mes. Que disfrutes que cocinar algo de España. Gracias por su cooperación. Hasta la próxima vez aquí a Cooking Around the World y Bloggers Around the World. Nos vemos!


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Linking up some old ones for Spain as we’re just heading off to Turkey for a fortnight then visiting family so I won’t be cooking for ages !

    Some were better than others !!

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