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Here we go with another edition of Bloggers Around the World as the month of August draws to a close. For this month, the theme was set up for Spain. Accordingly, this month was about posting things that have to do with Spain.

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As we start off our visit to Spain, we like to head over to Madhouse Family Review and we want to see the lovely things Cheryl has in store for us.

Thank you very much, Cheryl, for joining us this month. It has been a pleasure.

The first recipe is: Cuttlefish-ink paella.

There we go with a lovely paella, and it can’t be denied that you connect paella with Spain. The special thing in this paella is obviously the ink. Here, have a closer look …

By the way, just ignore the writing on the plate and focus on the food itself. Can you see, what the ink has done?

The next recipe is: Horchata de chufa (tigernut milk). This is an interesting post and by that I don’t mean the interesting one that you say when you are to polite to say that it is bad. No, far from it. You will learn a few things here, like that: Too much of something good can be bad. Again, I am not saying this post or the recipe is bad. Anyway, get on with it, have a look and see for yourself …

Probably it will be very hard for me to get tigernuts.

On we go with recipe numero tres: Patatas Bravas. That is one of my favourite ones as I love tapas very much. When you read through the post, you might also get attracted to a book review in connection with Spain. Just saying!

As if one paella is not enough, we head over to Cooking Around the World (figuratively speaking, as we are already here) to get recipe numero cuatro: Rodrigo’s Paella. It was my first try and for sure I will do it again …

Paella - 1

Well, as far as I can see it from here, that was all, we got this month for Spain. However, as I am one day early, we never know what might happen still.

In the meantime, as one thing comes to an end, a new thing will start. So we had over to our next country, or as in this case, better say region. It is no secret, that we are heading this time for the …


Now that leaves us with quite some options. Just think of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Pirates … oh, did, I just say pirates? Come on, just use your imagination and I am sure, you will come up with some really lovely posts.

Get yourself a Cuba libre. Put three to four ice cubes in a glass, add a dash or two of lime juice, 2 – 4 cl of white rum and top up the glass with some coke. Here you go …

Cuba libre - 1

You see, that wasn’t too difficult. I know, you can come up with something good and join us for Bloggers Around the World in September on our trip to the Caribbean. Prepare a post with a touch of Caribbean using the Bloggers Around the World badge and leave a comment down here to tell us about it.

Whatever you are doing, have fun with it. Here are a few dishes that I enjoyed already …

Caribbean Grapefruit - 1

This is a so called Caribbean grapefruit. You just have to cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle a tablespoon of brown sugar over it and then put a tablespoon of brown rum over it. Put it under the grill for a couple of minutes and there you go with either a starter or a dessert. Your choice. Here you see, when you make use of rum, you are already on good way. Fruits seem to be good, too.

Grilled pineapple - 1

Here you see some grilled pineapple alongside a sweet potato mash and some beans. You might also make good use of fruits in a different way.

Caribbean skewers - 1

In this case we have pineapple and papaya together with some onions and pork making for some fine Caribbean skewers to put on your grill or wherever you want to put the heat.

Coconut Bread - 2

In the breakfast department you could find also a coconut bread as was already featured here on the blog in my Breakfast with Bills series.

Rice with beans - 1

Very popular in some Caribbean countries is also rice with beans, or arroz con frijoles as you would say locally. Yes, there is something else on the rice, but honestly, right at the moment I can’t remember anymore what it was.

Good to finish a meal are some more fruits …

Mango icecream - 1

I liked that here in particular as I made mango ice cream. Make some sugar syrup with 100 g sugar and 6 tablespoon of water, but make sure the whole thing doesn’t start to get brown. Toss the one or two mangoes without peel and core into a mixer together with the syrup and four tablespoons of lime juice. Mix it all together. Whip up some 200 ml of cream and carefully mix it together with the fruity puree. That all goes to the freezer for at least 4 hours. In the end you can garnish it with a few mango wedges as you might recognise in the picture.

Now, that is all I can tell you right now and I hope to see something from you, too, in the weeks to come.

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Bloggers Around the World – From Spain to the Caribbean — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Chris, you made me giggle – from the cuttlefish ink writing on the bowls (very clever !) to the comments about that awful horchata de chufa (think yourself lucky you can’t get tigernuts !!) and the fact that you’ve probably already been at the rum for your grapefruit recipe (read it again and you’ll see what I mean !!) Looking forward to this month’s round-up – I know Alison has already been cooking Caribbean things this week :)

    • Well, I’d say then, mission accomplished. Thanks for the hint. I can assure you, though, I had none of that rum while writing this down, it must have been the sun.
      Yes, I am looking forward to what we are going to see here …

  2. oooh I have just done a few Caribbean ones for you, ,,

    Will nip back and add the badge :) Loving your mango ice cream. How clever was your cuttlefish ink!

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