Honey Roasted Potatoes with Feta and Cashews

It’s time for another round of wincing and whining and … maybe a bit of dining. Yes, I have noticed, too, it’s 2015 and … I can’t be bothered. So far, things didn’t go so well, this year. I already felt like my head is going to blow up, but luckily (I think so), it didn’t. That leaves me for another day to go. Not that there is the danger of it not to pile up many more, but … I reckon that would be enough of wincing and whining. However … eh … right I have been doing quite some exercise lately, but I still have to get steady on that one.

I was very surprised, though, when I got home today from work, that there would something you could call an idea …

Roasted Potatoes 3

Originally I wanted to do something with avocado … yes, the guacamole kind of thing. Adding some wheat tortillas to it would be lovely. However, I didn’t feel like it. So … no wheat tortillas.

Potatoes – there were some lingering … somewhere. Good! Then we go with those.

Peel them and cut them into pieces and … fry them in a pan with some good amount of oil. Yes, oil. That’s in the cupboard above the fridge. Fine! There it is, second row. Ah, what are those extra long spaghettis doing there? Just grab the oil …

Oopsy … something slipped. No worries, in some Spiderman kind of fashion I did some quick moves and caught about 8 bottles of something and a few spaghettis …

In fact, most of the spaghettis drop on the floor or ended up in the pan and just three bottles fell and the kitchen timer fell down next to the fridge, but … hey … no worries.

Besides that, frying the potatoes in the pan wasn’t such a good idea, when you are using raw potatoes.

Anyway, just start this all over again and put it into a better readable version …

As many potatoes as you wish (maybe 400 g)
3 tsp. honey
Hand full of cashews
100 g feta cheese
1 avocado
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 dried red chilli
Juice from one lime
1 tbsp. olive oil
More salt
2 medium sized tomatoes
1/3 cucumber
Even more salt and pepper

Well, I already told you the bit with the potatoes. You can cut them in some kind of wedges fashion. Now that I had them in the pan, they got a bit of colour. While there, I seasoned them as well with a bit of salt.

Then I decided to heat up the oven to 180 °C. I transferred the potatoes to an oven-proof dish, sprinkled the cashews and the feta cheese over them. Finally comes the honey.

Off it goes to the oven for … eh … let’s say until the feta melted a bit and you get more colour on things. No more than 30 minutes should be needed.

Roasted Potatoes 2

Where were we? Yeah, I got a bit distracted. Was it the television, the tablet or the smartphone? There are really so many distractions.

Fine, we wanted some guacamole to go with it. For that I get a mixer ready and toss in the avocado – without stone and you know – the peeled red onion, the peeled garlic cloves, the lime juice, a bit of olive oil, the tomatoes, a bit of salt, the dried red chilli and … yes, I guess this was about it. Blend! Blend! Blend!


Cut the cucumber into small cubes and give it some salt, lime juice and olive oil.

Roasted Potatoes 1

As we have all the individual parts ready, we can have a meal. Put a few spoons of guacamole on the potatoes and add some cucumber cubes and … eat.

Yes, simple as that. Surprisingly … no … leave that word … it tasted good. It was sweet and hot and crunchy and … well, I enjoyed it. Above that, after months now this was again something new I tried.

Now, am I supposed to do something else with that? Let me think … pondering … pondering … pondering … well, I don’t know.

So just simply translate things into German.

Honig Geröstete Kartoffeln mit Feta und Cashewkernen

So, ich hab dann ausnahmsweise doch mal wieder was in der Küche rumexperimentiert. Ich wollte mal wieder etwas mit Guacamole haben, nur diesmal nicht mit Weizentortillas, sondern mit Kartoffeln.

So viele Kartoffeln, wie ihr wollt (vielleicht 400 g)
3 TL Honig
Handvoll Cashewkerne
100 g Feta
1 Avocado
1 rote Zwiebel
2 Knoblauchzehen
1 getrocknete rote Chilli
Saft von einer Limette
1 EL Olivenöl
Mehr Salz (nicht unbedingt Meersalz – Wortspiel)
2 mittelgroße Tomaten
1/3 Salatgurke
Noch mehr Salz und sogar Pfeffer

Nun, die Kartoffeln schälen … und gut, eigentlich schon mal alles schälen, was sich schälen lässt. Dann geht’s nach her zügiger.

Die Kartoffeln dann spalten oder besser in Spalten schneiden und ab in die Pfanne mit etwas Öl. Außerdem salzen. Die Kartoffeln schon mal ein wenig Farbe bekommen lassen.

Danny die Burschen in eine ofenfeste Form geben. Die Cashewkerne dazuwerfen und ebenso den Fetakäse. Den Honig drüber träufeln.

Maximal 30 Minuten bei 180 °C sollte reichen.

Für die Guacamole, die Avocado ohne Stein und Zeugs zusammen mit den Tomaten, Zwiebel, Knoblauch, Chilli, Limettensaft, Olivenöl, etwas Salz und überhaupt in den Mixer werfen und schön durchmixen.

Die Gurke in Würfel schneiden und wie Salat anmachen – mit Salz, Limettensaft und Olivenöl.

Zum servieren, die Kartoffeln auf Tellern anrichten. Einige Löffel Avocado dazugeben und die Gurkenstücke dazu.

Das sollte reichen. Servieren, essen, schmeckt!


Honey Roasted Potatoes with Feta and Cashews — 5 Comments

  1. Ooh that’s an interesting combination of flavours :) Your cupboard accident made me smile – it sounds like my kitchen !

  2. Now that looks nice, loving the addition of cashews. I am glad mine is not the only kitchen where things attack you when you open cupboards!

  3. Happy new year, Chris! Those potatoes with cashews and honey look mighty good. Great to see you posting! Please more! :)

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