Public Apology – Bloggers Around the World Malaysia Round-up

First of all I like to apologise for being so annoying and for being such a looser as I am. Well, I can’t possibly apologise every day for all the junk in my head, but I can at least do it this time.

That’s just on the side. There is a bigger reason for apologising. No, not because I am ugly, disgusting and disturbing the world with my presence.

No, it’s rather a bit more personal.

So, let’s have a try!

Janice, I am sorry for not doing the round-up for Bloggers Around the World – Malaysia. That was due for November 2014.

Still, I have reasons. I don’t want to give them a name, but they certainly have to do with some kind of mental health or rather the absence of it, I reckon. Again, then it would be my fault for not seeking a doctor. On the other hand I am still fighting back.

Fine, Bloggers Around the World – Malaysia Round-up rather …

Bloggers Around the World Logo

Feels a bit strange, though. Anyway. Here we go with Janice’s post. Along this line you can (in a few moments, after reading this post to the finish) head over to Farmersgirl Kitchen and join Janice on trip on memory lane … something like that … and enjoy her Satay Kajang with Peanut Sauce. Yes, peanut sauce, that’s reason enough for me to like it, although there is much more to enjoy …

I luv it … no doubt about it.

And … while we are at it, here is the other post that joined the last known Bloggers Around the World …

Chicken Rendang and Nasi Minyak, which was cooked by me-self. Of course, that was also around October last year. I reckon, it was delicious, anyway.

Chicken Rendang and Nsai Minyak 1

Have I said to much? There is nothing much left to see from me. So, don’t cry for me Malaysia.

Sorry again for the who-knows-if inconveniences my ‘condition’ has caused, but … that’s the way it is.

Now, just in case, the forces of light manage to defeat the forces of darkness, we will have a new Bloggers Around the World challenge …

I wouldn’t mind. Would you be with me?



Public Apology – Bloggers Around the World Malaysia Round-up — 1 Comment

  1. Chris, no need to apologise. When you are feeling dark, blogging is the last thing you want to do.I hope you have good friends close enough to drop everything and come to have a cup of tea with you and share a cake. Hopefully, April will be less busy for me, and I need to resurrect ReadCookEat, as I’ve got so many ideas, and no time whatsoever. Hugs

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