Gammon and Baked Beans Casserole

Here I am again sitting in front of my computer and typing away. Well, not really typing away. I’m not quite sure what kind of post I should put up today. I’ve prepared the images already and I have a name for the post, so it’s not that. There is some kind of food and recipe thing waiting to be fashioned into a post and maybe as well in a way that someone who wants to recreate the dish can do so.

Then it is something different. I’m not sure whether I should turn this again into a psychological or weird post or whether to simple through the recipe at you.

Well, the weather outside is fine, a lot of sun recently. The other day I went to a place 14 km away. I hadn’t been there for a while and for sure never had gone there from this place. Just for safety I had to put it into my nav software. It was a kind of interesting route. It had quite some winding roads over a hill and through the forrest. Then there was a small road of gravel through a moor and I am sure, if I had left the road and driven into the swampy part, you would never have heard from me again. Tempting, but I didn’t do it, not even to test, whether that would be true.

On my way back home I passed a bank with a thermometer outside and it said 40 °C. Well, really an interesting, but for sure that was not what I had in mind when starting out on this post. I’d rather wanted to talk about second changes and whether some should have it or what you would do, if you saw a tiny opportunity of having that second chance … and sorts like this.

But, I am already good at confusing myself, so why bother anyone else and confuse yet more people. I better not do it then, although it could be a really nice story, if I tell it properly, which in turn I would never be able to do. So again, why bother. I keep that in my head then.

While I have come that far already with typing in a bit of nonsense, I don’t feel like typing too much anymore and doing things properly. However, as the title promised food and I confirmed it already, I have to give you my Gammon and Baked Beans Casserole. I could think of any other proper name for it.

Gammon and Baked Beans Casserole

First of all we need a 20 x 20 cm casserole dish. Feel free to use another size, if you want, but the following is based on that size.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 1

Drizzle some olive oil into the casserole dish. So, take note of this first ingredient. Then we move on to the next step.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 2

We continue with a layer of sliced potatoes. You don’t have to do them that thinly, but not that thickly either. Let me think, that might be about 4 or 5 potatoes in that dish. We move on.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 3

Next some onion rings. What you reckon, how many onions are this? Hm, well one or two I’d say. If you want more, though, or have a different size of onions, adjust accordingly.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 4Time for some gammon then. Or do you prefer bacon? It’s your call. At least we don’t have to argue about the number of slices I used here. It’s obvious, isn’t it. At the time I did this, I had to think about a way to use these up as I had a brunch with some friends at my place and I had some leftovers. Speaking of leftovers brings us also to the next step.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 5

There were some leftover baked beans. So I continued covering the gammon with a generous layer of baked beans. Here we go.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 6

Cheese, we need to have cheese. It always makes sense for me. For simplicity I just put on two slices of cheese. If you have some grate-worthy cheese available, go ahead.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 7

That leaves us with a final layer of gammon again. Somehow I have to get rid of it and after all I want to call it Gammon and Baked Beans Casserole. So I had to use more than three slices.

Now that leaves us with putting it into the pre-heated oven. You for sure know my rule. So, that is 30 minutes at 180 °C. Then things should look fine. Otherwise leave it in for a couple more minutes.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 8

For me that looks ready. To give it all a little colour offset, a bit of chives will do nicely and I had to use it before the whole plants things of kicking the bucket due to it’s limited lifespan or my poor treatment.

Gammon and Beans Casserole - 9

Plate it up and enjoy it. Cucumber? Mostly the same reason as the chives, but then you need some more veggie bit on that dish, don’t you?

I guess, I already said too much again, but then again, there is no way in stopping me once things get started. However, most of the time things don’t get started.

With that we … end.

But … right now I feel someone twisting my arm … ah, kidding … I want to add this post, as it is somehow fitting something … Cheryl’s Kitchen Clearout linkie.


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