Almost there – Chocolate Stuffed Elderflower Pancake with Ice Cream

Is there still some energy left? Slowly the body is moved to the chair at the desk and it’s forced to sit there. Well, there is some pain that shouldn’t be there. Some heat carefully placed at the right point would do some good … or even a hot bath. However, that is out of question.

A cool drink might be nice, too. The hand reaches for the can with the desired liquid and a moment later already the first sip goes down the throat and then the second.

Now we can make it to the kitchen to get some heat against the pain …

That will take a few minutes to get it ready, but then it should do the trick …

Ultimately, only lying down and resting in bed will be the best. For know, though, that has to do.

Hesitantly the fingers move towards the pile of notes with dishes still to post and start flipping through them. What will it be?

Extra creamy risotto? No.

Vegetable dip? Whatever that was in the first place, but … eh … no.

Apple chocolate crumble? Sounds tempting, but it’s still a no.

Paprika beef goulash? That would be very lovely now … to eat .. that is, if the body could take any food now.

Chocolate stuffed elderflower pancakes with ice cream? Of course! Otherwise the title of the post would be a total lie. Ice cream? Now is totally the time for it. I’m sure you are familiar with my theory about having ice cream, temperatures and melting.

Brighter sky

The memory of brighter skies and the sun shining soothingly on the skin is … just a faint memory. Now we are almost at the end, though. For the time being it means cold, grey, wet and dark times. I already opted for hibernation, but …

… there is still one more thing to do …

… giving you the recipe for Chocolate Stuffed Elderflower Pancakes with Ice Cream. You can do your own ice cream, if that is what you want. So, I don’t give you any recipe for that, although all that talk made me think of semifreddo right now. For sure you will find something on my recipe index about that.

Anyway, the remaining things to do is just piece of cake … pancake to be exactly …

Elderflower Pancake 1

Speaking of cake, I found some songs that are doing good for me … or maybe it’s just my imagination.

Fine, now it’s all about that … eh … pancake.

Chocolate Stuffed Elderflower Pancake with Ice Cream

1 egg
1 mug of flour (half wheat + half buckwheat)
2/3 mug of milk
1/3 mug of elderflower cordial
Chopped up chocolate
Ice cream (of course)

Let me have a try … as I only have the list of the ingredients …

No worries!

Get yourself a sufficiently sized bowl and … of course, if you want more pancakes, as this here would only serve two people as pudding, you could multiply the ingredients – just saying … eh …

Where were we?

Fine, get yourself a sufficiently sized bowl and … of course, if you don’t have buckwheat or don’t want to use wheat flour, there are always other options – just saying … so, you can, if you wish, but don’t have to, if you don’t want to, but …

… we still have to go on, I reckon. So, where were we?

Right, get yourself a sufficiently sized bowl and … get on with it or do you think we have time to go on like this forever?

Crack in the egg, toss in the flour, pour over the milk and elderflower cordial. Start whipping until you have it all mixed through.

You weren’t expecting that, were you? You did? That’s fine with me.


Yeah, I could do with that, but …

… I meant the pancake batter – 20 minutes.

Heat up your pan. Have a tiny little bit of fat in it or … if you have any other ideas, go for that, but a small knob of butter will be just fine for me.

Get half of the batter into your pan and start burning your pancake from one side … eh … not burning, of course, but rather baking or whatever you want to call it, but definitely we don’t want it to get darker than the chocolate we are going to use in a minute.

Yes, and don’t forget to turn the pancake in time …

… here I spare you the adventurous turning procedures taking place in my kitchen. You do, as you have to.

Remove the pancake from the pan. Throw as much chocolate on it as you want or have or care to eat and roll it in. I’d say, it’s best eaten fresh.

So, better hurry with preparing the other pancakes.

Did I say “Chocolate Stuffed Elderflower Pancakes with Ice Cream”? For sure I did. So don’t forget to scoop some ice cream on that plate and go serve it … make someone happy … also if it’s only just yourself …

Elderflower Pancake 2

The only thing that remains now is .. to put that body to it’s deserved final rest … eh, not THAT final, but final enough. Accordingly, we start to slowly fade out at this point and … if we are lucky – depending on the point of view, of course – we will see again … eh … not that I’m quite sure I have seen anyone of you in person so far … maybe one or two … or even three …

What? Ah, yes, fade out and see again next year. Drive safe! Don’t drink and drive … eh … don’t drink and drink … whatever … see ya!!!

Holunderpfannkuchen mit Schokolade und Eiscreme

Pfannkuchen sind eigentlich … äh, nein … sind immer schnell gemacht und mit noch ein bissel hier und da, das ganze kann auch ein … äh … was auch immer … netter Nachtisch sein, der … äh … ich hab’s heut nicht so mit Worten … auch etwas mehr hermacht!?

Also, los geht’s …

Zutaten (für  zwei):
1 Ei
1 Becher Mehl (halb Weizen + halb Buchweizen)
2/3 Becher Milch
1/3 Becher Holunderblütensirup (ich kann euch notfalls welchen leihen)
Feingehackte Schokolade

Nun, was soll ich sagen? Pfannkuchen. Okay … das soll ja ein … ein … ein … Lebensmittel … ah … Kochblag sein. Da kann man ja wohl mal eine Beschreibung erwarten

Also gut, eine ausreichen große Schüssel zur Hand nehmen oder besser doch auf die Arbeitsplatte stellen, das Ei reinhauen, das Mehl reinwerfen, die Milch und den Sirup reinigen und dann mit dem Schneebesen (vielleicht ist das der einzige Schnee, den ihr dieses Jahr bekommt) ordentlich durchdingensen.

Wer es ertragen kann lässt dann den Teig 20 Minuten ruhen.

Sonst geht es gleich weiter. Ein wenig Butter in der Pfanne zerlassen oder das Fettproblem einfach anders lösen. Nacheinander dann in der Pfanne mit dem Teig zwei Pfannkuchen backen. Jeweils immer zur rechten Zeit – bevor die Pfannkuchen schwarz werden – wenden.

Wenn die Pfannkuchen aus der Pfanne kommen mit Schokolade bestreuen, einrollen und einer Kugel Eis servieren. Für gierige bitte zwei Kugeln Eis verwenden.

Nun …

… ja wirklich …

… es ist alles gesagt …

… oder doch nicht?

Gut … bis nächstes Jahr und nicht irgendwie aus oder irgendwo vor rutschen. Was ihr sonst macht, ist eure Sache …



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