A New Beginning

Sometimes I have an idea on what is going on, but very often the future is vague and I will see where things are leading.

As you see we have a new web address here and a slightly different setup of everything. At the moment I am still experimenting on what is possible and I don’t know exactly how everything is working.

I will just do it in my usual Indy kind of way, take the bullwhip and the hat and just see what we can come up with.

To show you a piece of goodwill from my side, here is a photo from my last post …

Pumpkin soup 1

Just to show you, that I want to continue cooking and sharing those adventures with you. Well, then we will see what happens …

Ein neuer Anfang

So, nun versuch ich es doch mal und packe auch noch eine deutsche Version mit dazu als Bonus. Sozusagen eine Mini-Ausgabe von Cooking Around the World auf Deutsch für alle, die sich nicht so wohl fühlen mit englischen Texten.

Das bedeutet jetzt aber nicht, das hier unten dann immer eine 1:1 Version des englischen steht, aber … na ja … wir werden sehn, was draus wird …


A New Beginning — 4 Comments

  1. Aha a bilingual blog – my daughter has one of those, but hers talks about One Direction and nail varnish so I prefer yours ! lol :)

    • That’s good, I fought quite a while about this bilingual business, because I have to deal with something at work all the time.
      But, I also wanted to do something for those, who read my old German blog, which I kind of shut up and something for my friends, who are not so comfortable with English.

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