Panko Fried Brie with Lavender Mushrooms

While the weather is not as it’s best this very day, the days before had been quite lovely, not hundred percent perfection, but quite pleasant.


It’s best not to expect perfection all the time, because you are only going to be disappointed. For sure, you don’t want that. Rather concentrate on the small things of beauty always around you, appreciate that.

DIGITAL CAMERAThen you can find enjoyment more often …

… like in a quick and simple meal with not much fuss about it. Among the simple things I enjoy is cheese. I wouldn’t want to imagine a life without cheese. If I would have to choose between cheese and meat – which one to go without, I would select the meat to go without rather than the cheese.

But, I don’t have to choose. However, for the following meal I have chosen to go without meat and with cheese … with Brie to be more precise. So we are having Panko Fried Brie with Lavender Mushrooms …

Fried Brie 02Somehow I like lavender, so I try to look for new ways to carefully introduce it into cooking. See, whether it works today.

Olive oil
200 g mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
Salt, chilli
Juice of half a lemon
1 tsp. lavender buds
Knob of butter
1 Brie (200 g)
1 egg
Panko (or other breadcrumbs)

Use two pans to get both elements ready at the same time. I used a griddle pan for the Brie.

Well then, how do we go about?

Heat up some olive oil for the mushrooms.

Prepare the brie by tossing it around in the whisked up egg. Next you have the panko ready together with some salt and finely chopped rosemary. Try as best as you can to coat the Brie with it.

The mushrooms start rolling in the pan. Season them with salt and a bit of chilli if you like.

The Brie is in the other pan. You turn it, when you think the time is right after a few minutes. If it starts oozing away in your pan, you’ve lost and evidently waited too long.

Add the lemon juice and the lavender to the mushrooms and let them continue in the heat. Finish it off with a knob of butter.

When you have done everything right, both the Brie and the mushrooms are finished at about the same time. So, serve it up …

Fried Brie 01

Have some bread on the side and … whatever makes you happy. Fine, here we have another use of lavender in cooking. As I felt, the taste was good and I enjoyed it.

Do you enjoy going for a walk. I hope to walk … eh … well, a lot this year. I wonder, whether, 1000 km by the end of the year would be too much. Let’s see how much I manage. Not that I am counting all the time.

Yesterday, though, was also lovely to walk at nighttime. The stars were out and it was … eh … dark …


Can you see the stars in the photo? Well, there is one right in the centre of it. Well, walking around with just a cheap camera it’s not so easy to take photos in the dark.

Anyway, have a lovely day! Keep smiling!





Panko Fried Brie with Lavender Mushrooms — 3 Comments

  1. Funny you should say that Chris, I’ve joined the #walk1000miles challenge – I can’t put a link because it thinks it’s spam,but have a look on my blog for more info !

    I’m never sure about lavender in cooking – I could be tempted to experiment more though ! Violet cordial/sweets are popular in the North of France and they’re very nice :)

  2. I love mushrooms but would never have thought of adding lavender. I quite like the idea of that and lemon.

  3. Brilliant recipe! Love the addition of lavender, and yes to cheese, any time. Can’t live without it.

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