Bloggers Around the World – From Germany to France

Hello out there!

We managed another month, May gone, June next. For sure it will go as quickly, especially when you are busy doing … things.

Right away let us see how everyone was busy in connection with Bloggers Around the World …

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The mission for May was: GERMANY.

Here we go then …

First was Sarah from Sarah Cooks. She has a very very lovely cake for us: Pflaumenkuchen. I love those. Sarah feels, it’s also good for breakfast. Who am I to disagree with that.

Just head over to Sarah Cooks and see it all for yourself. I am sure, you will not regret it.

What’s next? It’s Claudia from the single gourmet and the sea. Claudia had a go at an old recipe from her Gran. It’s called Saechsische Quarkkeulen. I don’t have much knowledge of the food of that region of Germany, so I can not say much about it. Well, that’s not my job. Claudia has done all that. Hm, I didn’t even get the ‘Keulen’ (drumsticks) thing of that recipe. Maybe that was because Claudia did one crucial mistake: she didn’t consider taking a photo before eating. No worries, things happen. She enjoyed the Saechsischen Quarkkeulen. Now there is only one way to find out what they are like: read the recipe carefully and have a try.

Let’s continue with the next entry from myself. It was Spinach and Egg Sauce. Here I had a go on a recipe of my Mum. Fine, I didn’t bother again to ask her about the details, but I just did it from memory. It worked out fine …

Spinach, egg sauce and mashed potatoes 02So now, as far as I see it, that’s all for May and Germany. I don’t want to compare it now with our first go we had on Germany here with Bloggers Around the World in September 2012. Things move on and so do we with our challenge for June.

Next stop: France

For now, we like to stay on the same route as we did back in the beginning of Bloggers Around the World. France is always a good place to go. For sure you see already many options on what to do for this month.

Here some things I tried in the past:


Quiche Lorraine:

Fougasse de Chocolate et Fraise:

I could go on a bit longer and show you some example of poorly executed macarons or … eh … show you other delicious dishes, but I rather want to hand things over to your imagination. Maybe you go for classic French dish or you come up with something that reminds you of France.

Anyway, you will know what to do. Here some things I still have to mention …

You know, you should add the Bloggers Around the World badge to your post:

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You should also recognise this is the Bloggers Around the World challenge for June. That should give you a clue about the time frame in which to comment to this post with a link to your entry for June.

In your post you will also have a link back to this very post here.

If you feel, you don’t have too much time this month, simply share an older post with us that fits the theme and other criteria (badge, link).

On the other hand, if you feel, you do have too much time this month, feel free to add more posts to this challenge. Of course, you can use those posts also for other challenges.

Above all, make sure you enjoy this challenge, this month and … every day in general. There is no point in wanting days to pass quickly, because you have planned something nice in a month or two. Simply try to see the good in each and every day.

Oh, am I drifting again to a different subject?

Well, you know what we are up to, so it would be very lovely you join us on our virtual food trip – Bloggers Around the World – this time as we travel to France.

See you!


Bloggers Around the World – From Germany to France — 11 Comments

  1. Those baked goodies look great, and lol @ forgetting to take photos. Mea culpa. There were a few occasions when I forgot to take a photo. Though most of the time my family grumbles that I take too many photos of our meals. Chris, I am terribly sorry for not doing a German recipe, I just ran out of time. Will try my best for France.

    • Galina, you don’t have to feel sorry. Sometimes things work out and sometimes not. That’s just the way it is. Well, yes, maybe you have the chance this month. We will see!

  2. I couldn’t not join in with France as the theme ! Here you go, a couple to get you started :

  3. Gosh Chris it’s been far too long since I entered your brilliant challenge. Anyway, I have managed it at last –

  4. This time with photo. Yep Chris, you live and learn.
    A simple French cake for beginners. Quatre-quart.

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  6. Here is my last moment entry for France, salad Arlesienne

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