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Do you remember last year and where we have been? It was the time of the World Cup and that was indeed the biggest highlight in the history of Bloggers Around the World. As you have noticed by now, we are not repeating a thing like this, not any time soon. We have to wait a few years for the next World Cup anyway.

In the meantime, we try to keep going. In the month of June we had the privilege to revisit France in our virtual food travels.

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At this point now I am going to bring you the results of that stop.

What better way do we have than to start with Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews? No idea. So, well, then, here we start with something hearty you can turn easily into something sweet: Breton Crêpes Completes. Cheryl’s original recipe is with ham, cheese and egg. Very lovely, but hey, it’s Crêpes and you can do whatever you fancy …

After that we definitely go sweet, but … we stay with Cheryl. In fact her post came a bit late … for me as I have already used up my chestnut puree. Whatsoever, we give you Cheryl’s Chocolate & Chestnut Truffle Hearts anyway.

Those look very lovely, don’t they? So … you have to get your hands on some chestnut puree.

We stay sweet, but move over to Choclette and Tin Thyme. Here we get some shortbread-like treat: Diamond Biscuits. As a bonus, that is if you like French food on the sweet side, we get … eh, well you have to see it for yourself. I liked it very much.

On then we go over to the single gourmet and the sea. Now, I don’t necessarily want to tease Claudia, but … this time she made sure to take a photo of her cooking. This time it’s Quatre-quart cake. You learn in detail, how you can whip up a delicious cakes using just four ingredients. What’s important to keep in mind here? See for yourself.

Just before I was able to start putting this post together, we received another entry, this time from Galina from Chez Maximka. For this we need to leave the sweet section, because we are getting salad, Salade Arlésienne to be precise. It looks very beautiful and I am absolutely sure it tastes very delicious. Today I was lucky, I had something lovely to eat already. Otherwise I would have felt really bad reading this, wanting this and not having the strength to get all the ingredients and make it.

Now, if everything else fails, you can always have a “French evening” as I call it with some lovely bread, cheese and red wine.

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That’s all for today on the entries for France. Now it’s time to travel on. At this very point I decided to leave the original route from the beginnings of Bloggers Around the World and go something new to …


Yes, that’s where we will be going in July, just to challenge myself a bit again to find something new to cook … eh … I might settle with some kind of pannekoeken.

Anyway, what is it you have to do now? Find some inspiration on Dutch cooking. One clue I could give you is to search the aforementioned epic round-up of the World Cup’s Bloggers Around the World. If you think just using Dutch cheese will be enough … eh … um … well … eh … why not. But feel free to dig deeper. Go for it!

Right, then after you have written up your post, mentioned Cooking Around the World in it, used the Bloggers Around the World badge and … eh … no “and” … eh … then you share the link here below in the comments section.

And then? Do it again and if you feel like it, even again. Got it?

Fine, think, cook, write, post, share and above all be sure to remain a good person enjoying all the above! Een  fijne dag nog! Tot ziens!


Bloggers Around the World – From France to The Netherlands — 4 Comments

  1. I just made it to the round-up at the last minute, didn’t I? Love those crepes from Cheryl, and the cakes and bakes look very enticing too. And what could be more satisfying than bread, wine and cheese? Will try to join in with the Dutch recipe next month.

  2. Ha! I am the first. Get rolling, July is nearly over!
    Dutch sausage rolls. Saucijzenbroodje.

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