F-game Toad in the Hole (Lord Feta strikes back)

Lately, around here I am not giving my a-game. I’m not sure, what it would be like, though. No worries!

Anyway, life is like this: sometimes you loose and sometimes the others win.

So then, would it be my a-game to be as pessimistic as possible? There are a lot of things that can go wrong and for sure they will. So far I can only see, that this is not going anywhere.

Therefore we go right away into food, for at least here we know, that it will go to a meal. Leftovers! There were those pork sausages in my fridge, those tiny ones. Here they are called Nürnberger. I used some of them for my English breakfast some time ago, but what to do with the rest of them.

Now I know, why I put all those knowledge into my head. At some point a bell will ring and I know what to do. So, toad in the hole. I never had. Therefore I never made it before. I now, it involves sausages and … something else.

Now I give you my F-game Toad in the Hole …

Toad in the hole 06Well, the F-game in this recipe doesn’t refer to it being rubbish. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even think about putting it up here.

No! It’s time for Lord Feta to strike back …

2 eggs
1 tsp mustard powder
120 g flour
100 ml milk
Some parsley, finely chopped
Some sage, finely chopped
Salt, pepper
100 g bacon, preferably 10 slices
10 small pork sausages
200g feta

Heat up your oven to 180 °C.

Get yourself an ovenproof dish, 20 x 20 cm will do for this amount of ingredients. Put it aside.

Now get a bowl and mix in it the eggs, mustard powder, flour, milk, parsley and sage. Season with salt and pepper. Pour that mixture into the ovenproof dish.

What a coincidence, the amount of bacon was just enough for the number of sausages I had left. Go for it and wrap one slice of bacon around one little sausages and arrange in the batter in the ovenproof dish.

All done? Proceed with the feta. You can either crumble it into the ovenproof dish or cut it into cubes and scatter them over the sausages in the dish.

Toad in the hole 01

Anyhow, put into the oven for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, you have sufficient time to whip up your onion gravy and get whatever vegetables you want to put on the side ready.

For sure, you have a good recipe for onion gravy and know quite perfectly well how to do it. No?

I took a pan and melted some butter at low heat, tossed in the onion rings of a large onion and let things go until the toad in the hole is almost finish.

To complete the sauce, season with salt and pepper, add a tablespoon of flour and a generous splash of sherry. Briefly cook so the sauce thickens.

Toad in the hole 02

The finished dish from the oven could look somewhat like that or when you have a closer look, it will look a bit like this …

Toad in the hole 03Ah, that wasn’t really that much closer. Anyway, plate up. With the right amount of vegetables you could even manage to satisfy four people with that, but than you can’t be as generous with the onion gravy as I have …

Toad in the hole 04

However, that was only, because I wanted to have fresh gravy for the leftovers another day and maybe enhance the gravy with some mushrooms then.

If, though, you don’t have four people for tea and decide to have a second go, you can have less or no gravy at all …

Toad in the hole 05

You could always have some more peas, though.

Whatsoever, I enjoyed it very much. If you want to have a more traditional version of toad in the hole, I guess, you just have to omit the feta.

In case you want to have a vegetarian version, you could omit the bacon and use veggie sausages or use something completely different, but then again, you might get a totally different dish here. So, why then, not cook something completely different.



Good! How far are we already? D-game of even C-game?

In order to boost things by at least one grade, I decide to add this post to some blog challenges. A good thing would it, to put this up with the No Waste Food Challenge, which Elizabeth is doing at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary. After all I used those leftover sausages and the peas must have been in my freezer for almost a thousand years now. However, they still taste fine.

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

While I am at it, I add it as well to the Cooking with Herbs challenge from Karen at Lavender and Lovage, because somehow the parsley and sage ended up in the batter.

Here it goes …

Lord Feta strikes back …





F-game Toad in the Hole (Lord Feta strikes back) — 8 Comments

  1. Chris this is delicious! It seems a really tasty recipe and very easy to follow. Your instructions are very clear and the recipe is great so this is definitely a winner. Bravo!

  2. I love toad in the hole. I would never have thought of wrapping bacon round the sausages and adding feta. Genius!

  3. An intriguing take on toad in the hole! Love the addition of feta! :) Thank you for sharing with the no waste food challenge and apologies for taking so long to comment!

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