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Come and join us! Travel around the world, “digitally” and try lots of different food from all over our beautiful and wonderful planet. Every month we can explore a new spot together.How can you take part in this journey?
When you think about the country, we are visiting, what comes to your mind?
Then prepare something, that is typical or traditional for this country or just something that makes you think of that country. It can be sweet or savoury. You can bake, cook, or whatever?

Here are some rules (makes things easier) apart from what a decent blogger would do anyway:

Use the linky tool (if available) to link your post up, leave a comment in the post announcing the challenge for the month with a link to your post or send me an email at: chris(at)cook-world(dot)org
Refer to my blog in your post.
Use the “Bloggers Around the World” badge.

You can use a new or an old post, but it has to be adjusted accordingly.
If you tweet your post use #BloggersAroundTheWorld and @ChrisCH2011, so that I can retweet your posts.
If you don’t have a blog of your own, you can post a photo (or a bit more) on the Cooking Around the World Facebook page.

Well, that is all, I can think about so far. It should be working then.

I will post a round-up then approximately one month later and announce the next country a still a bit later.

Let’s go for it! The current challenge you find here.

The travelling route so far you find below.
What do you think, how does our journey continue?
Hm … I got an idea! If you want to guest host one month, having an idea of your own, just send me an email at: chris(at)cook-world(dot)org

October / November 2015 – Australia
September 2015 – The Caribbean
August 2015 – Spain
July 2015 – The Netherlands
June 2015 – France
May 2015 – Germany

October 2014 – Malaysia
September 2014 – Scotland
August 2014 – Spanish Tapas
June / July 2014 – World Cup 2014 – Brazil
May 2014 – Italian Sweets, Puddings and Cakes
April 2014 – Turkey
March 2014 – Great Britain
February 2014 – Russia
January 2014 – Vietnam

December 2013 – South Africa
November 2013 – Favourites
October 2013 – Greece
August / September 2013 – Thailand
July 2013 – Sweden
June 2013 –Morocco
May 2013 – Italy
April 2013 – India
March 2013 – Japan
February 2013 – USA
January 2013 – Mexico

December 2012 – The Caribbean
November 2012 – Spain
October 2012 – France
September 2012 – Germany

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