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I haven’t been cooking much for five weeks. In fact I haven’t been cooking at all, just eating. That might already be a good reason why I didn’t post anything or maybe it’s because I’m just to lazy to write anything or my brain is focusing on to many other things.

Fine, I have been vacationing a bit.

Heart Reef - 1

Travelling for a long time and to many different places, it feels like being on several holidays in a row. But what are you supposed to do, when it is over? Go on with daily life.

Well, when I travel, I am also a bit interested in the food, so I went to a special restaurant in Brisbane (Tukka), where they use Australian ingredients, special ingredients. I had a little (however you like to view it) tasting menu there and tried some things that I am very unlikely to try again in the near future. That was not, because the food was so bad, but simply because there is no way I am getting the ingredients anywhere nearby. Fine, I haven’t checked, but I think it’s very unlikely. Whatsoever, all this taught me, that you should really go and make good use of the things you have locally and that are in season. Accordingly, the first thing I cooked when I was back home, was a pumpkin soup with some of the sage from my windowsill, that had survived my absence, owing it to the fact that I have some good friends living nearby.

Pumpkin Soup - 1

Do you want a quick recipe to that?

Well, melt some butter in a large pan and add one finely chopped onion, and two finely chopped cloves of garlic. Fry them for ten minutes and add 125 g bacon cut into small pieces/cubes that sort of thing. Then peel two large potatoes, cut them into cubes and add them to the pot as well. Afterwards take 600 g of cubed pumpkin/squash that sort of thing and add as well. Season with salt and pepper. Do some frying sort of stuff before you add one litre of chicken stock and 200 ml of cream. Now boil the whole lot until the potatoes and pumpkin has softened. Finally add two chopped up spring onions and a few sage leaves. Check seasoning. Warm through and plate up.

Well, just in case you cared to know.

Back to Australia, though, and back to Brisbane and the tasting menu.

Seared kangoroo - 1

As amuse bouche I got a seared piece of kangaroo on a potato galette.

Game plate - 1

Next there was the native plate with a selection of native game meats such as kangaroo, emu and crocodile together with some native fruits and berries. Among this was a Lilly Pilly and macadamia nut salad. I have to say I mostly will miss the Lilly Pilly.

Damper - 1

This went together with damper bread, olive oil and a wattleseed dukkah. That combination was also very tasty.

Strawberry cured crocodile - 1

Next up was the strawberry gum cured crocodile with baked apple and a rhubarb vanilla gastrique. Yes, crocodile is also tasty. Another good thing was, I got a different beer with every part of the menu.

Sorbet - 1

Well, I didn’t get an extra beer with the palate cleanser, a Lilly Pilly and balsamic vinegar sorbet.

Main - 1

After that followed the main dish: Seared Kangaroo, roasted heirloom carrots, potato galette and a Riberry jus. The kangaroo was very delicious.

Dessert - 1

A lovely dessert to finish the meal off. Obviously you can see the strawberries, but there is also a toffee shard and some vanilla ice-cream.

Now I don’t know, whether I will be able to learn from this experience by putting up similar menus at home for my guests, but … I will see.

Fine, just need to remember to use, what I get here locally.

That then is all for today and I hope I will be able to conquer my lazy little inside a bit more often in the coming weeks and we hear from each other again …


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  1. Not sure about crocodile but I’ve seen kangaroo and ostrich in the supermarkets here ! Love the tasting menu – great way to try exotic dishes :)

  2. Crocodile is lovely and you wont believe it but Lidl had here, in the Uk, Kangaroo at Christmas.
    How about a new “around the world” challenge? I made an Iranian recipe and was thinking that a challenge in regards to a specific ingredient would be nice. Not necessarily tied to a country but it would be interesting what the bloggers come up with, lets say, eggs.

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