Lunch with bills

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Can you hear it?

Time is ticking away … constantly … bit by bit.

Fine it still will take over half a year until I get my proper holiday and the chance to travel to Australia. However, I am in a bit of a pickle with this. I simply know, I will be going there, but not exactly, what I am doing there. The options are simply overwhelming. So, time is ticking away to make some choices.

Now, I know, I still want to share some more food from Bills Sydney Food by Bill Granger with you. You might remember my post Breakfast with bills. After having had breakfast, it’s the only natural step to have lunch.

What do we have on offer today?

Ricotta and Tomato Tart 02

Ricotta and Tomato tart. Delicious! Since I like ricotta anyway, that’s a good one for me. The recipe had all the guidelines you needed to make your own puff pastry … I used a package from the shop anyway. Maybe next time! :-)

Have a look again …

Ricotta and Tomato Tart 01

Apart from the ricotta, the tomatoes and the puff pastry there is also some rocket involved. I never would want to argue with that. Another thing, to me it seems Bill used some more tomatoes on his tart. At least that’s how it looks like in his book. I am pleased anyway.

Let’s go with another one …

Maybe I should have known from the start, it wouldn’t work out properly. The recipe I tried was Coconut and Passionfruit slice. It was just because passionfruit was on offer in the supermarket. Sadly the girl at the check-out couldn’t recognise passionfruit and made me pay for figs (obviously she doesn’t know that one either). Or was the problem on my side.

Anyway, the recipe didn’t work 100 % with those ‘figs’ … eh … right, it was passionfruit. I reckon, though, the oven was the problem and the whole thing could have used a bit more time in it. While the taste was fine, there was no way in getting a half-delicious photo of it.

No worries! We don’t want to dwell to long on failure or negative things, but rather go on with something else … good the butcher knew about steak … Fine Steak Sandwich with Garlic Crème …

Steak sandwich 06

Obviously you need some kind of bread … ciabatta in this case, but the main heroes are the steak and the garlic crème.

The butcher did a good job and preparing the steak correctly in the pan was no big deal either. The real work here is the garlic crème. I didn’t take the same approach as with the puff pastry from the Ricotta and Tomato Tart.

I really went for it and had some food exercise again with all that whisking of the egg yolks and oil. As I’m not a sissy, I didn’t use a food processor for it either.

It was all worth it!

Garlic crème

For sure you would find other fine uses for that crème! Well, we had already something in mind for it. I don’t want to say too much about it, though. Just watch …

Steak sandwich 01

Steak sandwich 02

Steak sandwich 03

Steak sandwich 04

Steak sandwich 05

Steak sandwich 07

Do I have to mention it was very delicious? You might have reckoned that already by yourself.

I hoped you enjoyed your lunch with bills and of course me. Yes, I know, you would enjoy it even more, if it was for real, but … hey … who am I? I can’t be everywhere and do everything and make everyone happy (it’s a great relief to recognise that and stop trying).

Oh, that brings me back to the pickle I’ve got. I can’t go everywhere. So, if you have any ideas (because you know something) feel free to give any suggestions for travelling Australia.

Now …

Keep smiling … as time is ticking away …

Tick! Tick! Tick!


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  1. No suggestions for your trip, but your meals look delicious. That ciabatta and steak sandwich is great, and the tomato ricotta tart is absolutely gorgeous.

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