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Finally, THE time has come. Oh, I reckon that was said a little bit to early, because THE time has not yet come, but just the time. The latter being the time for the round-up of last month’s Bloggers Around the World – The Caribbean.

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This month featured Blogger is Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust. Oh, I better not say such a thing, for it’s just Bloggers Around the World for everyone and that’s how it should be onward as well.

Nevertheless, we had over to Alison for this month’s entries. She was very diligent and did the best to make us happy with luvly entries.

Look at this …

Hot and spicy chickenThat’s the first. Fine, while the picture says it all, I am still going to repeat: Hot and Spicy Chicken with Ackee. I’d say, that’s exactly my thing, although I don’t know what ackee tastes like. That will be something to find out later.

On with Alison’s next dish then. No problem, you can eat it simply after the chicken as it is going well for pudding: Coconut Rice Pudding. If you’ll try the recipe, it might be relaxing.

Coconut Rice PuddingOh, eh, ah, well … I guess, it is time for a little break. Before we go on with the remaining entries, we have … no, not a little bit of advertisement, but just a different photo. That was the closest I could get to the Caribbean feeling that month …

Beach - 1

Fine, that doesn’t quite qualify, but at least it’s a beach and the weather was wonderful and it was just one hour away by car and not hours of flight.

Now back to Alison and her final entry. Again something that I would gladly eat now, eh, any time: Chicken One Pot Curry.

Chicken One Pot CurryAlison is promising us something easy to make and exotic. Well, I had already too much food today, so I can’t go for it now. Another day.

Just before we go on, here a little reminder of my latest post, that of course fitted the theme of this month’s trip: Mofongo.

Platanos - 1

As far as I can see it from here, that’s all folks. That would mean, that now is THE time for travelling on, to break through to the other side … completely around the world. This time it will not be just virtually, but also physically … eh, at least for one person. I hope I get the chance to post some things LIVE, ON SITE.

Well then, next stop …


For that reason I will start with my first addition, although it comes with a problem right away …

Australia Cake - 4

I already made this cake a while ago and I absolutely forgot what I put into the buttercream. Therefore we just have to assume I used a buttercream I had for the cake for Star Wars day, at least that would make a killer cake … indeed.

Besides that, I didn’t even bother making my own sponge. Of course you could do that.

Australia Cake - 1

In fact, the buttercream was the only thing I had to focus on and I failed so miserably. Maybe that’s a reason why I don’t write so much here on Cooking Around the World lately.

Of course, it doesn’t take much guessing, that on top of that sponge follows the buttercream.

Australia Cake - 2

Yes, that could be or it could be differently. Just add another piece of sponge and repeat. Hm … fine, you could use also one half butter cream and just use whipped cream for the other layer. As I’ve already told you, I failed miserably and I can’t remember.

Good that I can remember that I am the owner of this blog and that I am going on holiday soon. Let’s see whether I will remember that I have to return home after the vacation and that I know then where that was.

Anyway, we could just use another sponge layer, before we get yet more sugar overload …

Australia Cake - 3

Yes, marzipan, yes. Do we need more. Everything covered in marzipan, oh how very delightful that is. As for me, to finish it up, we need to put some kind of decoration and I see no other fitting way here as to do it the way I did it.

Absolutely fine, you have already seen it. The thing that’s left to do is to cut it open and to look inside.

Australia Cake - 5

I am sure the layers consist of something different, but … yes … I can’t remember what it was. That’s why you usually write things down. The only thing we can do then is having an even closer look.

Australia Cake - 6

So, don’t ask me, I really can’t tell yu, but I would be open for suggestions.

Let us just repeat things, The current theme for Bloggers Around the World is Australia. Whatever comes to your mind will be fine. It just have to remind us all of Australia. If you like to stay in the cake department, I am 100% sure that a Sydney Opera House or Uluru shaped cake would make me very happy. Now you have to decide, whether you really want that, make me very happy that is. It’s up to you.

Anyway, joining the challenge would be a start. The up side for this is, you will have two months time to enter for I am about 99% sure I cannot make it around the end of October or the beginning of November for I will be wandering around aimlessly in the dessert … or something like that.

Right, so make sure to join, include the badge shown below, add a link this very post here and leave a comment to give us a hint about your post. I will advertise things as good as possible. If you are quick, it might be helpful to include travel/food ideas for Australia as well. You never know.

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Have a good time then and join in the sharing love!


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  1. Loving the cake, total sugar overload. Australia, G’day! That might be a challenge. I think I will have to throw some shrimps on the barbie! Thanks for the links :)

  2. Super sugar overload, love the kangaroo picture! I also have a lot of photos of meals I cook, at which I look and don’t have a clue of which ingredients I have used. It’s just not always handy to write down the recipe as you cook, is it? Your post made me smile, Chris! Don’t wander in the desert for too long.

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